Focused on

Bringing mental and physical wellness to corporate settings through the power of virtual reality

Brings Tranquility

By removing people from their physical world and surrounding them in soothing environments with activities that promote overall health

The Result

Lower absenteeism, higher job satisfaction, and work productivity increased employee retention and lower health care costs.

Light Exercise

Regardless of career, life on the job can be stressful and overwhelming. Virtual Reality can provide a quick escape to promote mental as well as physical health with entertaining and fun activities.

Guided Meditation

Breathing exercises and heart rhythm meditation are popular practices that are easily accessible via audio recordings. By marrying the widely adopted audio content with custom, peaceful visuals, users can better engage with the content.

Virtual Tai Chi

Tai Chi mixes physical activity with meditative mindsets. A virtual reality Tai Chi experience will not only provide a peaceful way for users to relax but will also teach them valuable skills to be used outside of virtual reality.

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